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Remote PC Access

Remote PC access for Windows

Qnext MyPC is a Remote Access and Application Sharing service included in Qnext. Basically, it lets you give yourself or anyone you specify access to your computer or specific applications from any standard web browser.
Types of Access

There are two types of access you can grant: Full Desktop and Application Specific. Full Desktop lets you access your entire computer just as if you were sitting right in front of it. Application Specific gives you access only to specific programs on your computer and hides all other content.
Types of Permission

There are two types of permission you can grant: Control and View Only. When you grant permission to Control (either your entire desktop or specific applications), you can actually control the mouse on the target computer and use it as if you were right there. If you grant View Only access, authorized users can only see what’s going on, they can’t actually control anything on the target computer (this is useful for showing someone how to do something).
How to Use

Once you download Qnext, just set up a Qnext MyPC account from within the application. Choose what you want to give access to and what type of permission. You can create as many accounts as you’d like to give different people access to different things. Once the account is created, just come back to this page and enter your account info in the Sign-In box above. If you’ve set up an account to let someone else access your computer, just send them that account’s Sign-In information and they can do the same. That’s it! The stuff you gave access to will display in this very webpage in second

Access Your Computer Anytime and Save Energy with Wake-on-LAN

You want access to your home computer wherever you are, whatever you're doing, whether that's via a remote desktop connection, SSH, FTP, web interface, or any other remote access you've set up. The catch is, you don't like throwing money away to an always-on system. Luckily you can have your digital cake and eat it, too, and today I'll show you how to boot and shut down your system remotely so that it's ready for you when you need it and it's not wasting energy when you don't.

The cornerstone of this setup is a feature available to almost all newer computers known as Wake-on-LAN (or WOL), which—as the name suggests—turns on your PC through your local network. Wake-on-LAN is a breeze to set up and use on your local network, and with a little legwork you can set it up so you can wake your computer away from your home network, as well.

First I'll show you how to enable Wake-on-LAN on your computer, starting with enabling the feature in the BIOS and finishing by choosing the correct system settings. Then I'll show you several methods you can use to wake your computer using this feature, from waking your computer through your browser to different applications made specifically for this purpose.

Access Your PC From The Road

Access Your PC From The Road

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Remote Access allows your traveling (road warriors) or home-based employees all of the luxuries of being in the office . . . without being there!

By encrypting the data coming to and from your network, and password protecting your users, we can allow your employees safe and secure remote access to your confidential data from home or the road. A simple VPN logon process that even the novice can perfect gives them remote access to any data, resources (printers, fax machines), applications (MRP, CRM, ERP) or files on your network.

Access your desktop PC from your Pocket PC! (Part I)

1. should your WM5+ device lack it, you can download the excellent WM6 RDP client, RDM, from either HERE (linked from THIS thread), HERE or HERE (linked from THIS post in THIS thread). It works wonderfully on all WM5+ Pocket PC’s and Pocket PC phones (Windows Mobile 6 Pro / Classic devices). Note that there’s a thread at MoDaCo explaining using it on Smartphones (Windows Mobile 6 Standard devices). Also see for example THIS for a discussion of it.

2. I’ve published two, very thorough reviews in the meantime, both on SHAPE Services’ two remote desktop access applications.

The first is TSMobiles: Terminal Service Client for Mobiles, a Java-based RDP client. It works pretty well on Windows Mobile, both Pocket PC’s and MS Smartphones, under (the latest, 3.1 version of) Jbed, the best MIDlet manager for Windows Mobile. (Incidentally, this also shows what’s Java is capable of – this MIDlet is REALLY nice and fast, even with the Windows Mobile standards!)

The second is RDM+, which uses a proprietary protocol (NOT RDP, unlike the above-mentioned TSMobiles). It’s highly recommended if you, for example, need MS Smartphone compliance and/or file transfer and/or moderate costs but still a file transfer-capable access method.

Access & Control Another PC Remotely!

Anyplace Control is a remote control software, that allows you to control a remote PC over LAN or Internet.

The program displays the remote computer's desktop on your local screen and lets you use your mouse and keyboard to control that PC remotely. In other words, with this program you can operate a remote PC just as if you were sitting in front of it, right from where you are, no matter where you actually are.

The built-in File Transfer feature provides an easy way to transfer files to and from a remote computer.
Anyplace Control is so fast and natural that you can at some stage forget that you are working on a remote PC!

Remote access your PC

Get Remote Access To Your Computer Anywhere – Free Software For Travel Or Employees

While I mainly work from home, there are times where I may be on the road and need to have remote access to my computer from anywhere around the world. While on vacations it is nice to be able to connect to my pc from remote locations to update files, send emails etc. This personal & business software from Gotomypc allows you to do just that.

I’ve used this a few years back, so I know just how it works. Their free software is downloaded onto your computer; you simply sign in remotely and connect to your home or office computer and viola! You are working while you are on the road, at a business meeting or simply relaxing elsewhere.

This free trial is exactly that. I can’t stand free trials where they make you pay first; they are not doing that. Within the trial period you are able to actually give it a test drive and remotely access your pc from anywhere.

One of the things I like about this software is that it doesn’t hang, or drop or freeze up; many of the programs that let you work on your computer from home just don’t keep the connection. This is powered by Citrix software which I did use at a previous job and it stood the test of time; and still does.

If you want to access your computer from anywhere this free software trial from gotomypc is definitely worth it….If you're ready to give it a try; simply use the link below.

Secure Remote Access For Files/Programs/Network & Email

If you will be accessing your computer from your work/job or private information; it’s important to know that you will have secure access to your computer/pc from any browser that you use. This allows you to know that you will not have issues of others being able to view/see or steal files or information.

You can easily add or remove users to your package if you decide to purchase the software. They have both a personal trial and business trial going on right now and it only takes 2 minutes to be setup and working remotely. The free trial remote access business software is setup for you to have up to 4 users; which really allows you to check out the usability and functionality of the software.

If you telecommute all the time or certain days; this software allows for accountability and time management with real time access to files, emails, the network and more.

This link allows you to do the free trial and then if you sign up you get $10 off your first month